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How is Biotechnology used in Agriculture?

Have you ever tried the yogurt?
Are you aware of fermentation?
Well, yogurt is a type of natural biotechnology process that has now become an essential approach in agriculture and food production departments. Biotechnology in agriculture is an amazing approach to increase the production of crops and improve the availability of nutrients. In the following blog, we have discussed several advantages and the usage of biotechnology in the field of agriculture.

Biotechnology in Crop Improvement

In the modern era where everything is so advanced and equipped with scientific methods and modern technology agriculture department has also been revolutionized. Different methods of biotechnology are helping the agriculture department to improve crops by increasing the yield and preventing them from different diseases. In the following, we are going to discuss some major points on how biotechnology has improved crop production.

Increase the Yearly Yield

Everyone is aware of the growing demand for food due to overpopulation all over the world. With the traditional ways and yearly yield, people can’t meet their food needs. So here comes the biggest benefit of biotechnology in agriculture, as it has increased the yield of crops to a great extent. It is not only good for food requirements but it has secured the future of farmers and provided them with safety. Now they can produce more crops by putting less effort and resources in less time and can be able to generate more revenue.

Control the Diseases and Pests

With biotechnology, it is not difficult to control harmful crop diseases and pests to improve production. Scientists have created genetically modified plants and seeds that are fully engineered to resist pest attacks and diseases. Now there is less need for pesticides which is good for the environment, as pesticides are highly harmful to soil and water.

Reduces the Use of Herbicides

Unwanted plants and weeds are one of the several problems that farmers face. To kill these weeds and plats they use herbicide chemicals which are not good for the health of crops. However, with biotechnology, the crops are fully engineered to stop the production of weeds and unwanted plants among them. Moreover, it has also reduced the effect of chemicals on crops and minimized the damage to a great extent.

Ability to Bear Droughts

Can you think of a crop that can bear the droughts or severity of water shortage?
Well, then to biotech, now we have fully engineered crops with modified genes that can bear the droughts. It has also opened the opportunity for people living in deserted areas where water is less likely to be found so that they can grow their crops to meet their food needs.

Biotechnological Approaches to Pest Control

We have discussed in the previous section how biotechnology has decreased the fear of pests and the use of pesticides in crop production. There are several approaches that scientists use to modify the cells of crops and seeds to make them fully engineered against pest attacks. Following are some mostly followed approaches.

  • There is a famous method called genetic modification. In this approach, the gene of some organism that is naturally resistant to pest attacks such as any other plant of bacteria. They will insert this gene into the gene of crops to make them pest resistant too.
  • Moreover, biotechnologists can silence the gene in the crop that is essential for the survival of pests. They can use different methods such as digestion or the development of RNA which will no longer support the survival of pests inside the crop without harming the crop.
  • Similarly, there is another option. Each crop has a natural defense mechanism against pests. Biotechnologists can interfere the this inner defense mechanism and make it more strong and resistant to pests.
  • There is a genetic marker in different crops that shows resistance against pests, biotechnologists can find that marker and use these pants for further breeding. This can provide the farmer with a complete pest-resistant crop for the rest of the time.

Improving Crop Nutrient Content

As we can see how biotechnology is improving the crop’s defense system against different environmental and pest attacks, no wonder it can enhance the level of nutrients too. For example, biotechnologists can increase the availability of essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other important elements that are good for human nourishment. The increment of these nutrients can further help the farmers to overcome food insecurity issues.

Biotechnology in agriculture

Precision Agriculture and Biotechnology

Biotechnology in agriculture is not stopping there just for crop betterment; it is revolutionizing the overall agriculture department. Now the term precision agriculture is one of the most effective ways to increase the use of technology in agriculture methods which will enhance the sustainability, productivity, and efficiency of traditional agriculture ways. There are several essential points that farmers keep under consideration as given below:

  • The use of advanced methods for data collection such as GPS and sensors. They can collect all types of data such as crop health, soil condition in any particular area, and weather conditions.
  • By using all this highly precise information, biotechnologists can modify the genes of crops according to the environment and area.

Environmental Sustainability through Biotechnology

As you have learned so far biotechnology can genetically modify the genes of crops to increase the pest’s resistance, you do not need to use pesticides that are highly harmful to the environment. Moreover, the modification of essential nutrients in the plants will increase the availability of nutrients soil too. It will increase the productivity of soil which is also good for the environment. Moreover, biotechnology can help with the restoration of biodiversity. It will support the survival of plants and different wild crops.

Role of Biotechnology in Agriculture

No wonder, biotechnology has an essential role in sustaining the different agriculture methods by improving the quality of crops and their yearly yield. The following are some important areas where biotechnology in agriculture is helping the crops to be sustainable:

  • It has improved the production of crops by making them sustainable against droughts, salinity, pests, and diseases.
  • It has introduced the use of precise data collection for irrigation, fertilization, and other purposes.
  • These genetically modified crops are better for the environment too as they have reduced the use of pesticides and reduced soil erosion.

Future Challenges of Biotechnology

Following are some challenges of the use of biotechnological methods:

  • The use of different genetic modifications can cause different consequences in the crops. As it has the capacity to cause disruptions in the ecosystem
  • There can also be consequences of consuming biotech-generated food for a long time. This can also cause food shortages or insecurity regarding the health of consumers
  • Moreover, the main issue is only the large agricultural companies can afford the advancement of biotechnology and this technology. They are putting the small farmers and their world countries behind due to a lack of their resources.

Final Word

No wonder, biotechnology in agriculture has completely transformed the traditional ways of farming and food production. It has different advantages for both the humans and environment. However, there are some essential points regarding small-farming businesses and the consumption of biotech food that really need some solid policy. The government should make all these policies for the safety of consumers and the environment.

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